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Reasons You Should Use An Electric Scooter For Your Commute

Commuting by e-scooter is the future. Electric scooters are helping daily commuters bypass traffic and congestion to get to where they need to go. They’re cost-effective and convenient, not to mention fast, fun, and eco-friendly. Here are all of the benefits of using an electric scooter for your commute.

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Reasons You Should Use An Electric Scooter For Your Commute

If you live and work in or around the city, you’ve probably noticed a slew of electric scooters whizzing by. More and more people are opting to use an electric scooter for the commute to and from the office and it’s easy to see why.  E-scooters are affordable and convenient, not to mention fast and fun. What’s not to love about a more enjoyable commute that’s also eco-friendly?

Along with the rise of bike lanes and the UK’s push to reach net zero, commuter e-scooters are helping commuters everywhere spend less time in traffic. With lithium batteries that only need to be charged and no fuel requirements or carbon emissions, scooters are proving to be the green alternative to public and private transport.

They’re easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy on the wallet. Ideal for short urban journeys, e-scooters are an efficient solution to the last-mile commute, but many people are discovering the joys of bypassing road traffic and congestion to get to where you need to go in record time. But is it right for you? Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an electric scooter for your commute…


Are e-scooters good for commuting?

Yes, e-scooters are the perfect choice for daily, short-distance trips! According to a study on the usage of electric scooters in urban environments, the average trip is just 11.2km, which is very manageable for scooter commuters. They’re a quick, efficient mode of transport that’s also environmentally friendly and cost effective.

More and more people are discovering just how quickly they can reach their destination when they’re not stuck in gridlock traffic. With fuel prices on the rise, cars aren’t as attractive as they once were for the daily commute. Think about how much time you’ve spent behind the wheel of a car or on the bus, waiting to get to work…

Every minute that you’re stuck in traffic is a minute that could be better spent. And that’s not even taking into account the stress that accompanies the daily commute, worrying that you’ll be late, or when you’ve missed your bus or train. So, let’s talk about the advantages and benefits of using an electric scooter for your commute.


Using an electric scooter for your commute



Accessibility and the last-mile commute 

E-scooters are the future of commuting, not just because they reduce traffic congestion as people switch from cars to micromobility vehicles, but also because they’re much more accessible. They’re a great alternative for people with mobility issues who maybe can’t ride a bicycle or motorcycle. They’re also more affordable than cars, with lower maintenance costs.

Electric scooters also solve the last-mile problem for commuters. The last mile problem describes the challenges that public and private transport users face when trying to get to work, often requiring a second mode of transportation. These include:

  • a long walk from the nearest bus or train station to your place of work
  • security and safety concerns in bad areas
  • long waiting times between buses and trains to reach the next leg of the journey
  • the possibility of getting stranded in ‘no man’s land’ if a service shuts down unexpectedly
  • a lack of parking and the time spent trying to find a free spot
  • parking far away and needing to catch a shuttle to the office
  • the prohibitive cost of taxis and ride-sharing services to cover that last mile.

Many riders have found that using an electric scooter for their commute offers a more accessible way to cover the distance of that final leg of the trip to safely reach their destination. It also reduces the total travel and waiting time during their commute. In these instances, e-scooters are a way to ‘bridge the gap’. They’re lightweight and compact enough to carry with you on public transport, and fold away for easy storage at work.

It’s easy to learn how to ride an e-scooter

Even if you’ve never used a scooter in your life, an electric scooter is very easy to ride and it doesn’t take long to pick up the basics. To start, practice somewhere flat and open, like an empty parking lot or a quiet cul-de-sac. Take time to practice building up speed and getting used to the scooter’s rate of acceleration as well as the feel of the brakes.

The main manoeuvres you’ll need to practice are coming to a stop using the brakes, as well as quick stops and tight turns, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be off and away.


Avoid public transport

During peak hours, trying to catch a bus or train can be a nightmare. You’re crowded into a confined space with hordes of other commuters, and many commuters dread their daily bus ride with people breathing down their neck.

If you’ve ever missed your bus or train, you probably know that panicked feeling well – knowing you’re going to be late and having no control over the outcome. When you use an electric scooter for your commute, the only stop you have to make is when you reach your destination.

You can take a more direct route to work than is possible with a bus or a train, which can shave a lot of time off your daily commute. This also means you get more time to yourself in the mornings before work – no need to rush to avoid missing the bus. The ride is a lot more enjoyable and no one’s invading your personal space.


Portability for daily use

Commuter e-scooter

There’s nothing more convenient than a private e-scooter – you can take it anywhere and not have to worry about being stranded without a means to get home. One of the best benefits of an e-scooter is its portability. Most brands are built to be sturdy but lightweight (around 12-15kg), so they can easily be carried.

Some scooters also fold down into a more compact package for comfortable carrying and storage. The Nought.One for example, folds in two and stands on its end. An electric scooter like this takes up a lot less space than a bicycle, so you can carry it upstairs, on public transport, in lifts, and keep it tucked away in a corner of your office until you need it again. This is also useful if you live in a flat or are short on storage space.


An environmentally friendly commute

For those that would like their daily commute to have less impact on the planet and global warming, there’s no better choice than a e-scooter. According to research by Move Electric, replacing short car journeys with commuter e-scooters could save more than 44,000 tonnes of CO2 a year in the UK, which is the equivalent of taking more than 29,000 cars off the road.

Because they’re powered by electricity and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and produce zero carbon emissions, using an electric scooter for your commute makes your daily commute much more sustainable. Given that road transportation accounts for around 24% of the UK’s total emissions, anything commuters can do to reduce their carbon footprint can make a positive difference.

Another way that commuter e-scooters contribute positively to the environment is in their lack of air and noise pollution. Cars burn fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, whereas e-scooters run on electricity. And e-scooters are also much quieter vehicles, so they don’t disturb the peace as they travel through suburbs and cities.


Avoid traffic and congestion

One of the great joys of riding an electric scooter is bypassing congested streets to get to your destination quicker. With a commuter e-scooter, you can explore alternate routes, including parks, footpaths, and off-road trails, avoiding the traffic buildup on your normal route to work.

Rush hour doesn’t have to be so rushed when you’re not stuck in traffic jams or dealing with public transport delays. Instead of inching forward at a crawl the entire way to work, imagine breezing past a line of cars. Instead of contributing to the traffic problem, you can be part of the solution – one less car on the road adding to the congestion.

Commuting by e-scooter is great fun

Much like riding a bike, an electric scooter offers you more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Your daily commute doesn’t have to involve a boring slog on a bus or a stressful car ride through congested streets. Instead, you could be enjoying the fresh air and time spent outdoors.

Many e-scooter riders report being more alert and engaged during their rides, able to enjoy their surroundings and really take in the city around them. You also don’t have to worry about arriving at your destination all sweaty, like you would with a bicycle. Using your electric scooter for your commute takes very little effort. And think about what you can do with all the time you save! 


Using a e scooter for your commute


Easy to maintain

Electric scooters require maintenance and servicing for optimal performance, but when you buy an e-scooter, they’ll typically come with a warranty and maintenance plan. Most brands come with a 1 year warranty but the Nought.One comes with 2 years so you’re in safe hands.

Fortunately, a scooter is very simple to keep in good condition if you follow the manufacturer’s guidance and play your part. Unlike a car, an e-scooter only has a few moving parts. You just need to keep it clean, keep the battery charged, and check on the tyre pressure occasionally. Your service plan should take care of everything else.

So, is it worth getting an electric scooter for your commute?

The daily commute steals a lot of time from many urban workers, and as fuel prices rise alongside the cost of living crisis, a cost-effective ride becomes a lot more appealing. One of the biggest benefits of a commuter e-scooter is the money you can save – on a car, on fuel, on maintenance, and even on public transport or ride-sharing apps.

Electric scooters are a great alternative to investing in a car. Not only do you save on fuel costs, but scooters generally have lower operating costs and are low maintenance compared to cars. Charging your e-scooter’s battery is not going to have much of an impact on your electricity bill either. We break all the costs down in our article on how much you can save with an electric scooter and the average monthly charging costs for an e-scooter are around £6.75.

Even if you only use your scooter for the last mile of your journey, you’ll still be saving hundreds of pounds per year that you might’ve had to spend on bus or train tickets, or fuel.

Man with commuter e-scooter


What’s the best electric scooter for commuting?

There are many advantages to choosing an electric scooter for your commute, but what should you consider when you’re looking for the best commuter e-scooter to buy?

Here’s our list of considerations for your city commute:

  • A higher battery capacity means a longer range on a single charge – choose a scooter with an extended range or a replaceable extra battery (so you can swap it out and charge it independently).
  • For maximum rider comfort, choose a commuter e-scooter with wide handlebars for better control and a spacious deck for your feet. Wider tyres will also provide a more comfortable ride.
  • A higher-power motor will enable you to climb steeper hills – consider the terrain for your commute. The steeper the incline, the more motor power you’ll need.
  • Choose a e-scooter that’s easily portable – it should fold down neatly into a compact, easy-to-carry package that’s simple to store away at home or at work. It should also be lightweight enough to carry around in one hand.
  • A top speed of 15–20 mph is plenty. Most cities will have very strict speed limits, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to go faster than 20 mph when using your scooter for your commute.
  • Buy an e-scooter with a minimum of a one-year warranty, although a two-year warranty is ideal.

Electric scooters are a convenient, accessible and affordable way of getting to and from the office. When choosing an electric scooter for your commute, always go with a trusted brand and ensure it meets your requirements for your daily commute. Whatever commuter e-scooter you choose, your commute is sure to be more interesting and efficient than sitting in traffic. Enjoy the ride!