Behind the brand: How Nought is reimagining urban journeys

We take a look at the story behind the Nought brand and how we’ve set out to create a better ride, and a better riding environment. For zero hassle and zero emissions.

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Behind the brand: How Nought is reimagining urban journeys

As the world’s population grows and cities expand, the world of mobility is changing. Longer journeys are being replaced by micro journeys and public transport is becoming less of a help, and more of a hindrance.

At the same time, renewables are replacing fossil fuels and petrol-fuelled cars are giving way to electronic micro-vehicles. Enter the e-scooter... In recent years, more and more electric scooters have taken to the streets, providing a quick and convenient way to get around cities.

Here at Nought, we believe that greener cities start with first movers and we want to be part of that change to sustainable urban mobility. In this latest blog, we tell the story behind the Nought brand and give you a sneak peek into how we created a brand to pioneer the future of sustainable travel.


Nought electric scooter in different brand colours



The future of sustainable travel

One of the problems with many electric scooters on the market today is that they’re bulky and clunky to use – not always focused on functionality and ease of use, which can lead to a less than enjoyable riding experience. Many scooters also aren’t designed with durability in mind, which can result in maintenance issues and high replacement costs for the consumer.

In the words of our founder, Ollie: “Having been in the e-scooter business for some time, we have seen the vast majority of scooters out there. We always felt the consumer deserves a better, more refined alternative.

So, we set out to create a better ride, and a brand that inspires a better riding environment. For zero hassle and zero emissions.


Nought brand design in advertising



Greener cities start with first movers

The distinctive Nought brand identity reflects our mission to encourage adventures through urban environments while minimising the impact our riders have on the world around them. With a no-nonsense approach to design, our electric scooter’s branding is deliberately minimalistic, prioritising both functionality and fun.



Our logo font is custom-made, designed with bold and sleek shapes in mind that speak to the transport industry. Our secondary font ‘Neue Machina’ is a versatile and geometric font with a massive personality, inspired by the aesthetics of robotics. We wanted Nought’s brand identity to be visually striking but minimalistic, designed to leave a lasting impression.


Behind the Nought electric scooter brand design


Our visual identity and colour palette is inspired by the world of our riders, connecting to the urban environment:

Asphalt Grey is a rich, dark hue that evokes the endless road ahead. It represents both adventure, and durability, and urges us to get out there and see where the road will take us.

Yonder Blue is a bright, expansive hue that captures the vastness of the sky above, inviting us to embrace the mystery of the journey as we chase horizons.

Concrete is strong, sturdy, and reliable, evoking the iconic buildings that dot our city landscapes and guide us through our daily commutes.

New Dawn Orange represents the new day that we’re ushering in through innovation, reminding us to be bold and fearless as we try to change the world for the better.

Clean White evokes clean air, clean cities, and our environmental responsibility.

City Green captures the contrast between the natural world and the pace of city life, reminding us to find peace and balance amidst the hustle and bustle.


nought brand colours


Our scooter has been built from the ground up to be faster, smarter, lighter, safer, sleeker and more longer lasting. Intended to capture the spirit of the journey, the Nought.One scooter moves away from the bolt-on aesthetic typically associated with personal mobility products. As a future-facing, zero BS brand, we wanted to unite innovative design and unparalleled experience.


Nought electric scooter branding


With every zero-emissions ride you take, we all get one step closer to a greener future and cities that aren’t congested with traffic and air pollution. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our values: honesty, precision, style, adventure, and accountability. We don’t just want to create a better ride, but a better riding environment.


An innovative urban transport solution

Nought is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The Nought.One e-scooter is stylish and practical, reflecting the changing trends of urban mobility and the changing needs of modern commuters. Built for adventures through the city, every ride minimises your impact on the environment.

For a more enjoyable, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to navigate the city, the Nought.One sets the standard for micro-journeys.