Electric Scooter Health Benefits

Electric scooters aren't just eco-friendly, they’re mind and body friendly too. From spending time in nature to the coordination, balance, and core strength required to keep you moving, there are so many electric scooter health benefits. 

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Electric Scooter Health Benefits

Whether the idea of an electric scooter appeals to you for its eco-friendliness, traffic-free transport, or affordability, you should know there’s one additional benefit that revs the appeal up to 100: e-scooters can actually improve your mental and physical health.

It’s true, there are so many electric scooter health benefits: while you’re getting from point A to point B, you’re breathing fresh air, burning calories, working your core, and boosting your mood. Not convinced on the benefits of electric scooters? Here’s what you need to know ....


electric scooter health benefits

Spending time in nature

It’s not just the environment that benefits from electric scooters and their lack of emissions – you, in turn, benefit from the environment. When you’re riding through the city in the open air, you’re spending time outdoors, injecting some calm and relaxation into your day. It gives you a chance to take a deep breath and appreciate the present moment. Research shows that time spent in nature:

  • increases feelings of calmness
  • increases endorphin levels and dopamine production (promotes happiness)
  • relieves feelings of stress, anger, and fatigue
  • improves your mood, concentration, and ability to focus
  • reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • lowers your blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • makes you feel more connected to other people and the world around you (reducing feelings of isolation).

health benefits of electric scooters


Coordination, balance, and core strength

One of the benefits of electric scooters is that they're very easy to get used to – but unlike in a car, you need to engage your body and mind to multi-task between staying balanced, accelerating, decelerating, turning corners, following the rules of the road, and watching out for other drivers and obstacles. Here’s what it does for your body:

  • your body is in a near-constant state of movement, which helps strengthen all your major muscle groups
  • you rely on your legs to support your weight for the duration of your ride, helping your stability and toning your legs at the same time
  • you’ll develop incredible balance to stabilise yourself as you turn corners, fly down hills, speed up or slow down, and navigate city streets
  • the hand-eye coordination required to maintain control and perform complex manoeuvres also gives your brain a mental workout
  • the improvements to your coordination, balance, and core strength slowly build better body awareness.


mental benefits of electric scooters


Low impact exercise

While riding an electric scooter isn’t high-intensity cardio, it does burn calories, especially when you compare it with sitting idle in a car waiting for rush-hour traffic to clear. One study found that riding an e-scooter for 30 minutes at 4.6 mph (7.4 kph) can burn around 150 calories! Think about it: you’re standing the whole time, keeping moving, engaging all of your muscles to get to where you need to go.


foldable electric scooter

Electric scooter health benefits 

Electric scooters guarantee low-impact exercise that keeps you active and moving during your daily commute. Given the mental and physical health benefits of riding an e-scooter, it’s a wonder that anyone chooses crowded public transport. And this is just the beginning of the benefits of electric scooters. Maybe it’s time to boost your mood and physical well-being with a more enjoyable ride?